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Our medical diagnostic products provide safe and accurate readings for your patients. We only carry quality, reliable diagnostic products for accurate measurements every time. Our blood pressure cuffs are disposable and re-usable in sizes for adults, bariatric and pediatric to ensure an accurate fit and reading. We offer various blood pressure monitors including hand-held, digital, desk, and disposable to fit any of your needs. Our line of scales in bariatric, baby, chair, wheelchair, etc. are built to address the different needs of you patients without sacrificing their comfort for the purpose of medical diagnostics.

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3.5v Lithium Rechargeable Handle - 72200
Retail: $77.58
Price: $65.94
3.5v Lithium Rechargeable Handle Has Twice the Power and Half the Weight of Ni-Cad Handles
Atlas Monitor - W-A620030
Retail: $633.02
Price: $538.07
Atlas Monitor Provides Monitoring During Conscious Solution Procedures
Baby Bands - MPH07SM2
Retail: $260.00
Price: $248.25
Baby Bands Provide Comfort for Baby and Accurate Results
Baby Measure Mat II - MPH07SM1
Retail: $174.91
Price: $148.67
Baby Measure Mat II is the Simple and Quick Way to Measure Infants from Head to Toe
Baby Scale - MPH07SH5
Retail: $292.42
Price: $248.56
Baby Scale Gives You the Accurate Weight Every Time
Bariatric 4-in-1 Scale - MPH07SB9
Retail: $9,754.09
Price: $8,290.98
Our Chair Scales are Engineered with Both Comfort and Mobility in Mind
Bariatric Flip Seat Scale - MPH07DB1
Retail: $5,021.33
Price: $4,268.13
Flip Seat Scale Holds Up to 800 lbs
Classic Beam Scale - MPH07SP1W
Retail: $915.00
Price: $885.65
The improved Beam Scale Offers Accurate Results and the Slip-Resistant Surface Provides Additional Safety
Body Mass Index Calculator - MPH07S491
Retail: $65.38
Price: $55.57
Easy-To-Use, Solar-Powered Body Mass Index Calculator
Body-Mass-Index Scale - MPH07SF3
Retail: $731.71
Price: $621.95
Body-Mass-Index Scale is Lightweight and Easy to Move From Place to Place
Cloth Tape Measure with Plastic Case Cloth, Tape Measure, Plastic Case
Price: $9.95
Cloth Tape Measure with Plastic Case - 6/Box - 72" length
Compli-Mates Aneroid Sphygmomanometers - MDS9113
Retail: $55.62
Price: $47.28
Compli-Mates Aneroid Sphygmomanometers Are Built for Reliability
Compli-Mates Dual-Head Combination Kit - MDS9136
Retail: $65.80
Price: $55.93
Compli-Mates Dual-Head Combination Kit Is Ideal For Nurses and Students
Compli-Mates Sprague Rappaport - MDS9125
Retail: $67.78
Price: $57.61
Compli-Mates Sprague Rappaport Combination Kit Is a Favorite With Nurses and EMTs
Cuff-Guards - MDS9158
Retail: $88.22
Price: $74.99
Cuff Guards - 20 Each / Box
Deluxe Urinalysis Container - DYND30100
Retail: $73.42
Price: $62.41
Deluxe Urinalysis Container Has a Broad Base to Minimize Tipping
Diagnostic Otoscope - 25020
Retail: $220.98
Price: $187.83
Diagnostic Otoscope With Throat Illuminator Eliminates the Need for Two Instruments
Dial Receiving Scales - MPH07D47100
Retail: $1,111.11
Price: $944.44
Dial Receiving Scale with 100 lb Capacity
Digital Baby Scale - MPH07SB4
Retail: $501.07
Price: $425.91
This Digital Baby Scale is Also Usable as a Floor Scale for Children Up to 110 lbs.
Digital Chair Scale - MPH07SC1
Retail: $4,369.04
Price: $3,713.68
Why Take the Patient to the Scale When You Can Bring the Scale to the Patient!
Digital Column Scale - MPH07SP4
Retail: $1,146.60
Price: $974.61
The Digital Column Scale Allows You to Weigh the Mother and Child and Accurately Calculate the Child's BMI
Digital Comfort Chair Scale - MPH078725
Retail: $2,899.22
Price: $2,464.34
Medline Digital Chair Scale Combines Comfort and Style
Digital Physician Scale - MPH07SH2
Retail: $342.60
Price: $291.21
The Digital Scale Gives You the Patient's Weight in Just 3 Seconds
Digital Wheelchair Scale - MPH072241
Retail: $5,536.58
Price: $4,706.09
This versatile, digital scale makes weighing patients easy!
Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - MDS2003
Retail: $89.95
Price: $79.95
Medline Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Is Compact and Reliable
Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs - MDS9720HP
Retail: $29.49
Price: $25.07
Medline's Latex-Free Single Patient Use Cuffs are Comfortable and Convenient
Disposable Penlights
Retail: $12.95
Price: $10.95
Lightweight and disposable penlight.
Electronic, Digital Scale - DETPLHLKIT
Retail: $77.09
Price: $65.53
This Small, Digital Scale Gives Any Patient Lift the Versatility of an In-Bed Scale
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Products 1-28 of 79

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