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Post surgery, comfort and support are necessary for a quick and safe healing and recovery process. Quaility orthopedic medical supplies ensure that your patients recover quickly from major and minor surgeries. With the increasing incidences of knee surgeries and the fragile construction of the knee joint, knee support products are constructed to offer no mobility, to slight supported mobility depending on the recovery needs of the patient. With elder people a trend of hip replacements, and hip support tractions are more common in the demand for orthopedic supplies for the hip. Hip shield briefs help prevent risk of fractures from occuring and our pelvic traction belt insures proper tracking of the hip. Our orthopedic supply collection of orthopedic protectors protects elbows, feet, and akles from irritating pressure points, skin breakdown and decubitus ulcers.

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Active Ankle Support with Hinge - ORT27400L
Retail: $49.09
Price: $41.73
Medline's Active Ankle Support has a Hinge to Allow Plantar/Dorsiflexion
Aluminum Splints - ORT34810S
Retail: $32.33
Price: $27.48
Medline's Posterior Tibia and Fibula Aluminum Splints
Ankle Walker - ORT28200M
Retail: $62.22
Price: $52.89
Ankle Walker Offers the Same Great Features as the Short Leg Walker In a Shorter Height
Cervical Traction Kits - MAI37120
Retail: $121.93
Price: $103.64
Horizontal Cervical Traction Kit - Unisize - 1 Each / Each
Comfortable Knit Protector - MDT829298
Retail: $35.18
Price: $29.90
Comfortable Knit Protector - Case of 6 Pairs
Dorsal Resting Splint - 513418
Retail: $178.07
Price: $151.36
Dorsal Resting Splint Takes the Pressure Off, Provides a Custom Fit
Economy Heel Protector - MDT829280C
Retail: $45.20
Price: $38.42
Economy Heel Protector - Case of 6 Pairs
Finger Splints - NON770817D
Retail: $22.30
Price: $18.75
Padded Finger Strip - Deluxe, 2" x 18" - Case of 12
Footdrop Brace - ALI64105RT
Retail: $134.20
Price: $125.00
Soft Foot Drop Brace Is Effective With or Without Shoes
Frog Finger Splint - ORT32200L
Retail: $25.36
Price: $21.56
Frog Finger Splint - Large - Case of 12
Heel Minder Elevating System - MDT823297
Retail: $95.11
Price: $80.84
Heel Minder Elevating System - 1 Each / Each
Hinged Neoprene Knee Support - ORT23220XL
Retail: $46.78
Price: $39.76
Hinged Neoprene Knee Support Offers Medial and Lateral Support
HipShield Brief - 76225
Retail: $65.27
Price: $55.48
QualCare HipShield Brief Is Ideal For Those at Risk for Fractures
Knee Immobilizers/Supports & Braces - MAINP1000XS
Retail: $29.00
Price: $24.65
Used For Sprains, Ligament Injuries, Strains and Fractures, and for Surgical Recuperation
Knee Support w/ Removable Cartilage Pads - ORT23110S
Retail: $26.38
Price: $22.42
12" Pull-Over Elastic Knee Support with Removable Cartilage Pads
Knee Support w/ Removable U-Buttress - ORT232303XL
Retail: $48.27
Price: $41.03
Knee Support with Removable U-Buttress Provides Patellar Support Where it is Needed Most
Knee Support with Round Buttress - ORT232402XL
Retail: $31.18
Price: $26.50
Neoprene Knee Support with Round Buttress Offers Uniform Patellar Support
Medlines Standard Back Supports
Retail: $29.78
Price: $25.31
Back Supports Protect Employees on the Job
Memory Foam Stirrup Ankle Splint - ORT27100
Retail: $28.07
Price: $23.86
Memory Foam Stirrup Ankle Splint - Universal - 1 Each / Each
Over-the-Door Cervical Traction Kit - ORT31400
Retail: $76.54
Price: $68.95
Over-the-Door Cervical Traction Kit - 1 Each / Each
Pelvic Traction Belt With Dual Straps - MAI226M
Retail: $35.49
Price: $30.17
Pelvic Traction Belt With Dual Straps In Four Sizes
Philly Patriot Cervical Collars - ORT12000C
Retail: $25.20
Price: $21.42
Philly Patriot Collar Has a Convenient One-Piece Construction that is Designed for Emergency Use
Plastalume Finger Splints - ORT328006
Retail: $30.42
Price: $25.86
Plastalume Finger Splints & Kits
Posey Comfort Shoe - 6416
Retail: $46.95
Price: $42.95
Posey Comfort Shoe - 1 Pair / Each
Posey Foot-Guard - 6410
Retail: $54.95
Price: $49.95
Posey Foot-Guard - 1 Each / Each
Posey Long Boot - 6112
Retail: $64.95
Price: $61.95
Posey Long Boot - 1 Pair / Each
Posey Spiral Foot Elevator - 6532
Retail: $42.95
Price: $39.95
Posey Spiral Foot Elevator Helps Prevent or Treat Foot and Heel Ailments
Rib Compression Belts - MAI18912
Retail: $159.78
Price: $135.81
Rib Compression Belts - Universal - 12 Each / Case
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Products 1-28 of 39

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