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For appropriate hospital skin care for your patients our selection of medical skin care products will keep your patients' skin clean, and safe from bed spots or unwanted moisture. We offer a large collection of skin protectants to protect patients against skin damage caused by excess moisture from incontinence. Our perineal cleansers made of a gentle formula, clean and moisturize the perineal skin without the need to rinse afterward, making incontinence clean ups less of a hassle. Complete your medical skin care supply with our collection of skin care pressure reduction products made of a gel and foam cushion that stabilizes the patient in the bed, stretcher, or wheelchair while reducing pressure to the body to prevent the development of bed sores.

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Carrington Antifungal Cream
Retail: $169.00
Price: $139.00
Carrington Antifungal Cream - 5 oz. Tube - Case of 12
Conductive Stretcher Pads - MDT239476A
Retail: $467.93
Price: $397.74
Conductive Stretcher Pads In Two Popular Sizes
Medline 2" Gel Foam Cushion - MSCPRC21816
Retail: $41.31
Price: $35.11
The Ulitmate Therapeutic 2" Gel Foam Cushion
Medline 3" Gel Foam Cushion - MSCPRC32016
Retail: $49.56
Price: $42.13
The Ulitmate Therapeutic 3" Gel Foam Cusion
Medline Anti-Thrust Gel - MSCATG2016
Retail: $140.18
Price: $119.15
Medline Anti-Thrust Gel Is Designed To Reduce Thrusting
Medline Bariatric - MSCBARI22X18
Retail: $297.36
Price: $252.76
The Medline Bariatric Cushion is Offered with a 500lb Weight Capacity.
Medline Econo Visco - MSCECVIS2016
Retail: $104.00
Price: $88.40
Medline Econo Visco In A Variety Of Sizes
Medline Gel/Foam Overlay - MSC037000A
Retail: $213.33
Price: $181.33
Medline Gel/Foam Overlay - 34" x 76" x 3.5" - 1 Each / Each
Medline Geri Chair Pad - MDT23CHAIRPD2
Retail: $280.00
Price: $238.00
Easy To Clean Stretch Cover Helps Reduce Skin Shear.
Medline Nylex-Covered Bariatric Gel/Foam - MSC26322184
Retail: $168.00
Price: $142.80
Nylex-Covered Bariatric Gel/Foam Is Designed For Both Comfort And Function
Medline Supra CXC - MDT24SUPRACXC
Retail: $1,111.11
Price: $944.44
Medline Supra CXC Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Mattress - 1 Each / Each
Medlines STAGE IV 3000
Retail: $8,325.00
Price: $7,076.25
Medline's STAGE IV 3000 - Alternating Pressure/Controlled Low Air Loss - 1 Each / Each
MedTech 5000 Mattress Overlay - MDT245000
Retail: $622.22
Price: $528.89
MedTech 5000 Mattress Overlay - Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Therapy Overlay - 1 Each / Each
MedTech 8000 Pressure Mattress - MDTAPX8PUMP
Retail: $217.33
Price: $184.73
MedTech 8000 Mattress Replacement System Is Our Most Economical System
Nylex Crip & Bassinet Mattresses - MDT239666
Retail: $78.84
Price: $67.01
Nylex Crib & Bassinet Mattresses Are Designed For Safety And Comfort
Nylex Non-Conductive Stretcher Pads - MDT239376A
Retail: $471.18
Price: $400.50
Nylex Non-Conductive Stretcher Pads For Safe Patient Transport
Nylex-Cover Gel/Foam Wheelchair Cushions - MSC263104
Retail: $81.00
Price: $68.85
Medline's Nylex-Covered Gel/Foam Wheelchair Cushions Reduce Pressure
Sentry 1200 Mattress System - MDTMSEN1200
Retail: $3,450.82
Price: $2,933.20
Sentry 1200 Mattress System Offers Superior Technology and Proven Results for Optimal Therapy
Single Density Cushion - MSCCF2018
Retail: $38.20
Price: $32.47
Single Density Cushion With Removable/Washable Nylon Cover
Supra DPS Low-Air-Loss Mattress - MDT24SUPRADPS
Retail: $1,288.89
Price: $1,095.56
Supra DPS Powered Low Air Loss Mattress - 1 Each / Each
The Saddle Cushion Wheelchair Cushion - MDTSZE1816
Retail: $223.98
Price: $190.38
The Saddle Cushion Promotes Proper Leg Alignment
The Saddle Wedge Wheelchair Cushion - MDTSWC1816
Retail: $233.76
Price: $198.70
The Saddle Wedge Cushion Discourages Forward Sliding
Water or Gel Wheelchair Cushion - MSC263105
Retail: $32.22
Price: $27.39
Wheelchair Cushion In Your Choice Of Water Or Gel
Baby Oil - MSC095056
Retail: $50.95
Price: $41.95
Formulated to Soften Baby's Sensitive Skin
CarraFoam Skin & Perineal Cleanser - CRR102040
Retail: $109.00
Price: $88.95
CarraFoam Skin and Perineal Cleanser Makes Incontinence Clean-Ups Easier!
Medseptic Skin Protectant Cream - MSC095650
Retail: $119.00
Price: $98.95
Medseptic Skin Protectant Is Enriched With Lanolin and Provides Soothing Relief to Compromised Skin
O.R. Only Skin Cream - MSC095434
Retail: $71.95
Price: $58.95
O.R. Only Skin Cream is Formulated Specifically for Health Care Personnel
Perineal Wash with Aloe - MSC095200
Retail: $71.95
Price: $59.95
Perineal Wash with Aloe For Routine Perineal Care
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Products 1-28 of 54

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